Thursday, February 07, 2008

I came out of Super-Duper Tuesday with mixed feelings. I thought Obama looked good early (Georgia was stronger than I expected, and Connecticut and Delaware were both pretty quick); I thought Clinton looked good late (ten points in California was a lot more of a landslide than I'd expected). So I turned to the Internet:

Obama won!
AMERICAblog's Joe Sudbay: "It is hard for me to see this as anything but a big night for Barack Obama."
Daily Kos's... well, Kos: "We still don't know who won the delegate count, but it should be obvious that the race has shifted and that the Clinton campaign is reeling and Obama is now the front-runner."

Nobody won!
TPM's Josh Marshall: "The only arguments for one side or the other being a winner here come down to airy and finally meaningless arguments about expectations. And the result tells a different tale. It's about delegates. It's dead even."
TAPPED's Sam Boyd: "One thing's for sure about last night's results, the long campaign is now a reality and superdelegates are going to be important."

Clinton... won?
MyDD's Todd Beeton: "[Conventional media thinking will be:] the headlines stating that Clinton and Obama 'Trade Victories,' and that the race is 'Not Settled' are telling and indeed represent a non-victory victory for Hillary Clinton; as New Hampshire before it, tonight was the equivalent of hitting a reset button."

Well then. Glad we cleared that up.

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