Saturday, August 28, 2004

Dipshits hit New York. Don't these people work?

Another Saturday dose of real big dipshits.

"It is an enormous victory of the anti-war movement that managed to cancel the visit of the arch-killer Powell," protest organizer Yiannis Sifahakis told The Associated Press.

Dipshits on parade.

"It was fantastic," said Bismarck Decastillo, 39, a thrift store worker from the south Bronx. "The people protested, with freedom. When people can get together, we can do something."

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

The Onion reports that John Ashcroft is favored to take home the coveted Golden Elephant at the quadrennial RNC "Trick Shootin' Showcase."

Monday, August 23, 2004

Being seconds away from having my head cut off might make me want to leave Iraq.

Bob Dole sees the country trending blue (though, admittedly, that could just be the Viagra):

"I'd say right now Kerry has the edge," Mr. Dole said. "I'm looking at the Electoral College in the battleground states. And even though they didn't get a bounce in the convention, you know, people got to know John Kerry. I think most people liked what they saw. There's a little backlash now because of all the Vietnam thing. But he's probably ahead."
I'll take this opportunity to repeat what I've been saying for about four months now: Kerry by 7 on Election Day.

I did a little digging in my personal archives, and pulled this question from an old Government Operations 101 exam:

17. What's the best way to get rid of interagency red tape and ensure cooperation within the intelligence community?
A) Generally streamline the process
B) Create a potent, localized voice of authority
C) Split one agency into three, throwing them all into confusion
D) Do something else
I don't have a corrected version, but I'm pretty sure the right answer was C.

John Podesta takes a hefty swing at El Presidente:

"Senator Kerry carries shrapnel in his thigh, as distinct from President Bush, who carries two fillings in his teeth from his service in the Alabama National Guard, which seems to be his only time that he showed up," Podesta said.