Thursday, March 13, 2008

Keith Olbermann loses his shit over the Clinton campaign's failure to timely rebuke Geraldine Ferraro. Entertaining.

(Via Wonkette, who observed accurately, "He is the angriest person in the galaxy.")

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

By way of follow-up to that delegate post from last week: Obama won Wyoming 61-38, and won Mississippi 59-39. Not including Mississippi, the New York Times estimates Obama's pledged-delegate lead to be 1,348-1,211. Assuming the Mississippi delegates split 19-14 (which seems like a safe margin, given the popular vote), that'd put us at 1,367-1,225. The remaining states:

  • PA: 181 delegates (151 pledged, 30 unpledged)
  • GU: 8 delegates (3 pledged, 5 unpledged)
  • IN: 79 delegates (66 pledged, 13 unpledged)
  • NC: 110 delegates (91 pledged, 19 unpledged)
  • WV: 37 delegates (26 pledged, 11 unpledged)
  • KY: 55 delegates (47 pledged, 8 unpledged)
  • OR: 62 delegates (48 pledged, 14 unpledged)
  • PR: 4 delegates (3 pledged, 1 unpledged)
  • MT: 23 delegates (15 pledged, 8 unpledged)
  • SD: 22 delegates (14 pledged, 8 unpledged)
Together, that's a total of 464 remaining pledged delegates. In order to head into the convention with a pledged-delegate tie,* Clinton would have to win the remaining ten contests 65-35.

Just sayin'.

* - Assuming the pledged delegates split exactly according to the popular vote, which they will not (though they should be relatively close).

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A couple of long-form commercials. Neither of them has any particular relation to politics (though you could at least make an argument for the first one), but I enjoyed both of them, so I figured I'd post them here.

The first, an ad for a German energy company called Epuron, has apparently been around for a while (though I just saw it recently).

The second, an ad for Top-Flite golf balls, just came out about a week ago. ( also managed to snag an interview with D2, the superhero star of the commercial.)

Watch and enjoy... and reminisce fondly about a time when this blog was more than just a once-weekly post containing a couple of videos.