Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Monday Night Sacrilege!

Washington Post columnist Tony Kornheiser will be joining the ESPN broadcast booth for "Monday Night Football" next season, the sports network said today.

Kornheiser will be part of a three-man team including Mike Tirico and former Redskins quarterback Joe Theismann, ESPN reported on its Web site. Suzy Kolber and Michelle Tafoya will be sideline reporters.
I like Kornheiser, but come on: Tirico, Theismann, Kolber, and Tafoya? Are they trying to make it hard to watch?

With Tirico doing play-by-play on Mondays, Al Michaels will head over to NBC to keep John Madden company on Sunday nights, which is a relief. Without the vaguely-incredulous buffer that is Al Michaels, Madden would be an awful lot to take.

And if the gods are smiling, ABC's MNF production staff will tag along. Because if Notre Dame games are any indication, NBC can't produce-a-football-game its way out of a paper bag.

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