Wednesday, February 08, 2006

As reported by the Washington Post this morning, freshly-minted Majority Leader John Boehner (R-K St.) rents his relatively inexpensive D.C. apartment from lobbyist-cum-landlord John D. Milne.

Milne's clients - including restaurant chains and health insurance companies - hired him to lobby on issues at the heart of Boehner's work, including minimum-wage increases, small-business tax breaks and tax-free savings accounts to help cover insurance costs, congressional lobbying records show.
The "R-K St." joke aside, as long as he's paying full market value and not dealing with Milne (or the members of his firm) on a business level, I guess there's probably not anyhing terribly wrong here. But if the goal is to avoid the appearance of impropriety, Boehner's sure starting off with a bang. (Between this and Boehner's "let's not overreact" Sunday-talk-show message, you really have to wonder exactly how badly he wants to give the Democrats a rock-solid foundation from which to campaign this fall.)

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