Sunday, February 05, 2006

The highlights of The Hotline's terrific roundup of political Super Bowl predictions:

  • Sen. Evan Bayh: Steelers.
  • David Brooks: Steelers, 35-10.
  • Charlie Cook: Steelers by six.
  • Sen. John McCain: Pittsburgh by ten.
  • Mike McCurry: "My heart says Steelers but my wallet says take Seattle and the points."
  • Keith Olberman: Steelers "by a touchdown or more."
  • Gov. Ed Rendell: Steelers, 27-10.
  • Sen. Rick Santorum: Steelers, 31-10.
  • Sen. Arlen Specter: Steelers are "going to whoop them."
See the trend? (Granted, the trend is a bit more pronounced thanks to the fact that I just kept Seattle picks off the list [with the exception of Mike McCurry], but still, the trend is there.) And for the record, my prediction: Seattle comes out hot in the first, and the Steelers go into halftime trailing by seven. A big second half for Roethlisberger turns it around, and Bettis puts the game away with a four-yard touchdown run in the middle of the fourth quarter. Steelers by eleven.

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