Thursday, February 02, 2006

What do you think pissed Rep. Bill Young's (R-Fl.) wife off more? That she was being asked to leave the State of the Union, or that she now has something in common with Cindy Sheehan?

"They said I was protesting," she said in a telephone interview late Tuesday. "I said, 'Read my shirt, it is not a protest.' They said, 'We consider that a protest.' I said, 'Then you are an idiot.'"

She said she was so angry that "I got real colorful with them."
Update (8:57pm, 2/1): If Capitol Police Chief Terrance Gainer was an emoticon, he'd be that sheepish one:
On Wednesday afternoon, U.S. Capitol Police Chief Terrance Gainer said neither woman should have been removed from the chamber. "We made a mistake," he told CNN.

He said an apology was made to Bill and Beverly Young, and the congressman has been told that Capitol officers will receive better training. He said they are operating under outdated guidance on House rules regarding demonstrations.
Another Update (3:48pm, 2/2): Beverly Young is turning out to be quite the Anna Benson, isn't she?
After a night of fingerprinting and booking and lockup, Sheehan departed the city. But Young had not, and her response as she enjoyed hugs from supporters yesterday after the apology was to call Gainer "an idiot." Witnesses said her words for him were much saltier the night before.
She was enjoying hugs from supporters?

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