Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Jeb Bush, we thought we knew ye:

"I'm excited you're looking at Florida State. [FSU President] T.K. Wetherell and I are friends. When you come to Tallahassee again, let's hook up with each other. — Jeb Bush"

That was the text message, as Rolle remembered it, from the state's governor. Rolle said it hit his cellphone the same weekend he hit Florida State for a recruiting visit. Two weeks ago, after sifting through 80-plus scholarship offers, Rolle enrolled at FSU.
The recruiting implications are what they are, but RGA may have a more pressing concern: it would appear that Jeb Bush wants to "hook up" with Myron Rolle. "Cornerback Mountain" jokes, anyone? (My apologies; too obvious to avoid.)

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