Monday, March 03, 2008

Sunday talk show roundup!

Face the Nation

  • Evan Bayh wants to be vice president so badly that he can taste it.
  • Chris Dodd doesn't really want to be vice president (but he kinda does).
  • Bill Richardson did such a good job pretending that he didn't want to be vice president that I think he actually surprised himself. Also, he thinks politicians endorsing politicians is stupid. But he still might do it. (But he thinks it's stupid.) (But he still might do it.)
This Week
  • I'm getting pretty tired of these Wolfson/Axelrod back-and-forths. They don't really accomplish anything, and they seem to invariably devolve into twenty minutes of whining ("No, you're the bigger liar." "No, you're the bigger liar." "No, listen, you're my good friend, but you're the bigger liar, here, and you know it." "Well, I appreciate that, and you're my very good friend, but I must insist that you're the one who is the bigger liar, by a wide margin.").
Meet the Press
  • [Hosted a panel consisting of James Carville, Bob Shrum, Mary Matalin, and Mike Murphy, and like hell I'm going to watch that.]

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