Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday Talk Show Roundup!

Face the Nation

  • Rudy "I Just Look Terrifying All the Time, Now" Giuliani condescendingly explained how he will raise revenues by... wait for it... cutting corporate and capital gains taxes. (Clearly an econ major.)
  • Hillary Clinton spun the South Carolina beatdown into, "[Obama] and I have now each won one primary and one caucus." Obama's wins: IA caucus (+9 points; +1 delegate), SC primary (+28 points; +13 delegates); Clinton's wins: NV caucus (+6 points; -1 delegates), NH primary (+2 points; +0 delegates). Yeah, that's about even. (She also mentioned her win in Michigan, which was funny.)

    Meet the Press
  • Crazy John McCain went Cheney-mode:
    Governor Romney obviously said there had to be, "timetables," although they had to be secret because we weren't going to tell the enemy when we were leaving. I mean, that's--that's just a fact. And if we'd have done that, as the Democrats and some Republicans wanted to do, we would've lost that surge and al-Qaeda would be celebrating a victory over the United States of America.
  • Meanwhile, in sophomoric news, Russert asked about the fact that McCain "seems to embrace [Joe Lieberman] on the campaign trail," and McCain responded, "Well, I embrace him anywhere and at any time."

    This Week
  • Stephanopoulos mentioned Dick Harpootlian by name about four minutes into the show, presumably just to make Dave Barry happy.

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