Wednesday, January 30, 2008

So that's that. The Edwards campaign is no more. (Or, more accurately, the Edwards campaign is "suspended," which is -- as Andrea Mitchell was quick to pedantically explain -- just "a technical term" meaning "over." Technical in what sense, exactly?) A couple of thoughts:

  • Chris Matthews is really a lot to take, even in small doses. Why doesn't someone forcefully switch him to decaf?
  • A final James Lowe shout-out!
  • Pretty cool story about the homeless people under the bridge.
  • "It's time for all of us to make the two Americas one." ... And dropping out of the race is apparently the best way to do that. Or something.
Now I've got to go scrape a bumper sticker off my car. More thoughts to come, later. Unless I'm feeling lazy.


Anonymous said...

Amen on Chris Mathews. Better yet, just switch out Chris Mathews all together.

Mike said...

Ah, but to replace him with whom? Not exactly a glut of options out there. I do have a suggestion, though:

Fact: Senators are good at speaking for a long time without saying anything (a key skill of the 24-hour news anchor).
Fact: John Edwards is out of work.

Conclusion: Chris Matthews should be replaced by Mike Gravel.