Monday, February 26, 2007

To celebrate the end of the weekend, here's that genuine insight* that I promised you:

Toward the end of the second season of The West Wing, while the staff was worrying about how to handle the disclosure of the President's multiple sclerosis, there was a scene in which Charlie realized that the Bartlets may have been suckered by some innocuous college paperwork into lying about the President's health.

Whilst watching that episode about a month ago, I had a startling, Charlie-like revelation regarding Sen. Barack Obaminator and his much-ballyhooed youthful indiscretions. According to his CV, Obama practiced for a few years in the early '90s; but it wasn't until 1995 that he publicly acknowledged the use of cocaine. I'm not a member of the Illinois bar, but I can guarantee you that the bar application contains at least one question about past drug use. And lying on a bar application is unquestionably grounds for disbarment. He may very well have answered the question truthfully; knowing what little I know about him, I suspect he did. But if he didn't, that bar application could be serious trouble.

How insightful!

* - I haven't done any sort of due diligence on this one, mostly because finding out that other people are all over this idea would ruin the illusion that it's a genuine insight. So if you've read this before, forgive me. And if you've actually written this before, well... you're a jerk, stop stealing my insights.

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