Sunday, February 24, 2008

In the interest of saving my time and yours, here's a roundup of some other campaign-finance-related things that I dislike about John McCain today:

  • A good summary of the current campaign finance story, courtesy of AMERICAblog.
  • Atrios asks "the ultimate question of campaign '08": "whether the press will actually do their jobs and occasionally point out that St. McCain is full of shit."
  • And then two reports on the DNC's upcoming FEC complaint: one from DailyKos ("McCain Breaks Law... That He Wrote"), and the other from MyDD (which quotes Howard Dean: "John McCain poses as a reformer but he seems to think reforms apply to everyone else but him.").
Also, Wonkette would like to join the New York Times in reminding you that John McCain is old.

In [un]related news, I wish the policy establishment (policymakers and talking heads alike) would hurry up and realize that every time the American public (read: me) hears the phrase "blood and treasure," it rolls its eyes.

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