Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A whole mess o' catchuppery:

  • Wired reported about a week ago that the Army has quietly changed its regulations to forbid soldiers to send email without first "clearing the content" with their superiors. Practically speaking, I'm guessing this'll go mostly unenforced, but for those few whom it does affect, it seems awfully extreme. (And am I the only one who's surprised that none of the big liberal blogs picked this up?)
  • Over at TAPPED, Ezra Klein took a pretty amusing swing at Roger Simon's latest $400-haircut piece.
  • An article in Monday's Washington Post ripped John Edwards for failing to bring more to the table on poverty issues, prompting TPM wonks-in-residence Jared Bernstein and Greg Anrig to rip the Post right back.
  • And finally, things are not looking good for Wolfowitz, are they?

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