Thursday, February 22, 2007

I'm a pretty big John Edwards fan. And from Day 1, the dual candidacy of John Edwards and Barack Obama has worried me. Not because I dislike Obama, (far from it, in fact: I like him a lot, and I hope he wins the White House in 2016, after John Edwards has served out his two terms), but because Obama and Edwards are competing for a lot of the same voters, which puts them both at a bit of a disadvantage vis-à-vis Hillary Clinton. So anything that distinguishes Edwards over Obama tends to catch my eye.

Accordingly, I was pleased to see (two weeks ago...) that Paul Krugman likes the Edwards health plan:

At first glance, the Edwards health care plan looks similar to several other proposals out there, including one recently unveiled by Arnold Schwarzenegger in California. But a closer look reveals extra features in the Edwards plan that take it a lot closer to what the country really needs.
One of the biggest groups of voters that both Edwards and Obama are competing for can be very succinctly described as "the kind of people who read Paul Krugman columns." So it's good to see he's with me on this one.

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