Monday, November 06, 2006

Why people who don't like polls don't like polls:

Virginia Senate

  • Gallup: Allen, 49-46.
  • Mason-Dixon: Webb, 46-45.
Montana Senate
  • Gallup: Tester, 50-41.
  • Mason-Dixon: Tie, 47-47.
Rhode Island Senate
  • Gallup: Whitehouse, 48-45.
  • Mason-Dixon: Chafee, 46-45.
All released today. And with the possible exception of the Montana race (I'm too lazy to look up the n-size, so I can't say for sure), they're all perfectly complementary.

For the record, my predictions: Webb 50-48; Tester 51-49; Whitehouse 51-48. (And thanks to Wake-Up Call for the numbers.)

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