Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Joe "Zell" Lieberman (D-ish-Conn.) could be in line for a lousy 2006:

After months of searching for a Democratic anti-war candidate willing to challenge Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman, the political left's best hope may rest with a millionaire Greenwich businessman.

Ned Lamont, whose family tree includes a Who's Who of Wall Street and a famous student of socialism, said Monday he is leaning toward challenging Lieberman for the Democratic nomination.
I know nothing about Lamont - whose Courant picture looks like a cross between a high-school English teacher and, well, Joe Lieberman - short of what I read in this article, but the fact that he's challenging Lieberman is good enough for me. (Though without knowing what kind of challenge the Republicans will mount in November, it's hard to count on a messy primary.)


ctblogger said...

The Republicans don't have anyone in their stable that could put up a fight against any Democrat.

Check out my site, I've been all over this story.

Mike said...

Indeed; thanks for the link. Lamont's all positives, it seems: not only are his politics attractive (though let's face it: relative to the elephant hiding behind the donkey, half of Connecticut's Republicans would be a welcome change), but his election would also give me the chance to headline a post, "Hi-diddly-ho, Democrats!"